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A growth marketing agency capitalizes on digital marketing services uniquely and experiments on the existing strategies to gain profitable growth.

Marketing is a part of our day-to-day life. Let’s just admit that. But when I say Marketing, it opens many doors where different marketing variations co-exist with one other.

Digital Marketing may have been the beginning of Marketing in the digital world, but we all know Marketing, such as Traditional and Brand, has been here for generations.

The only difference is that even for Brand Marketing, every possible way to do so is available on Social media platforms. Or we can just say the Internet.

But tell me, when did you learn about the concept of Growth Marketing? How exactly it performs when other variations of marketing exist. Well, by co-relating to them.

If Digital Marketing is the ocean, then Growth Marketing and Brand Marketing are the ships and their own agendas and goals to achieve for the people on board.

Let’s take a simple example to elaborate. A digital marketing company can be called a growth marketing agency and a brand marketing agency as they all provide marketing through different goals while co-relating to each other.

This blog will thoroughly discuss what growth marketing is and why it is essential to adapt its strategies.

What is Growth Marketing? 

The term might be defined with different definitions. Still, to properly answer it, Growth Marketing describes as a 2.0 version of Marketing where it enhances the already existing marketing channels relevant to the business you’re providing to retain the customers by delivering sustainable growth. 

The main focus is to attempt different marketing experiments to help grow your current customer base with the target of achieving new ones and offering profound profits to them.

If we took a technical approach to Growth Marketing, it would say it is a data-driven process to understand how one can optimize any marketing results, then it can be through Google Ads or campaigns.

For example,

If you have a YouTube channel and you’re uploading 2 videos/day to acquire subscribers on your Channel, then at one point, it might help you grow, but what different you’re doing with your Channel to grow.

Collaborating with other YouTubers for discussions and asking them to pin a comment in their comment box that mentions your Channel can help you grow exponentially as you acquire new customers.

Marketing strategies such as social media marketing, paid campaigns, copywriting, blog posting, and content marketing are played with a simplistic approach.

When it comes down to growth marketing, a growth marketing agency understands the customer’s psychology, attempting distinctive approaches with the given strategies.

Now, As a growth marketer, you might use SEO smartly but not traditionally.

For example, if you’re providing positive testimonials on one of your Friend’s websites, you can also link build yourself by providing a link to your website in the given testimonial. 

Now, this you can call a Growth Hack where you acquire customers with high reach. 

Now let’s see why Growth Marketing is Important? 


With Growth Marketing, you can experiment with your social media strategies in an uncommon way or an approach you can say. 

In short, Growth Marketing goes beyond the funnel of marketing where at the end of the other side, you gain customer reach. 

What makes Growth Marketing unique is that it is unpredictable and random when experimenting with innovative ideas. 

It also helps focus on the data and analytics behind the planned marketing, which offers an understanding of how your customers react to these marketing plans and how you can retain them by analyzing the marketing strategies.

It offers you a creative space where you can think of your new ideas.

To explain it in simpler terms, Growth Marketing is like a toolbox for growth marketers, which helps them to be analytical and practical in their approach to building sustainable growth.


Growth Marketing allows you to implement itself within your business perspective, but what makes it more strategical is mentioned in the Acronym called AAARRR: Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, and Referral. 

In comparison with Marketing, Growth Marketing offers Customer activation, their retention, and due to which the revenue and referral increases. It all because of the allowance of experimentation in Growth Marketing.


In this process, your customers get to know that your Brand exists, which you can do by promoting your brand with the help of social media marketing. 

If you know your targeted customers that the solution they need to their problem, you have it uniquely and profoundly.

What makes growth marketing unique here is that it uses A/B testing, then it can be related to the headline of a blog you’ve written on your site or copy ad on social media, which enables you to analyze how much engagement or reach you’re acquiring through your marketing.


Acquisition plays a different role in growth marketing as a growth marketer experiments with varying ads of copy or the CTA (Call To Action) provided on the ads. 

It helps in understanding what kind of audience you can achieve new and differentiate to what new you should to keep your existing customers intact. 

Then as for example, the CTA can be done with a graphic design post, or with a social media caption, etc. 


Activation means that customers you tried to acquire are now in the onboarding process. In this process, when the customers have acknowledged your business, a growth marketing agency will try to interact with the customers. 

For, e.g., through chatbots, they need to convince them to use your product or your service by providing relevant information. 

What a growth marketer can do is provide a tour of your website by providing beneficial insights to keep the customer hitched or by providing a free demo to show confidence in your services, which creates trust in the customers.


In simpler terms, with the help of growth marketing, a growth marketer can include surveys for your customers to gather information from them to better understand what makes your customer stay and what makes them leave. 

As in growth marketing, retaining the customers is essential, so if you understand how you can achieve it, it helps you and your business grow effectively. 

You can also offer loyalty programs to attract new customers to your business.

If we took an example, Amazon offers Amazon Prime as a loyalty program feature to their customers, which also helps acquire new customers.


In this, the customers who are in the activation stage turns them into a paying customer, or we can say already existing customers retaining themselves by upgrading the services. 

For example, if an existing customer renews its monthly Grammarly membership, the revenue for that specific business starts effectively. 

A growth marketing strategy here is by using email marketing to remind the existing customers to renew the membership again by providing new attractive offers like discounts in payment. 


Referral helps your business more effectively as it helps in acquiring new customers to your business. It is one of the adequate levels of customer loyalty. 

By offering different offers that help keep your existing customers intact and acquire new ones with the help of your existing ones. 

For, e.g., Google Pay offers existing customers payment prices by asking the customers to share or refer the app to other new customers. The deal appeals win-win-win situation for all three sides.

All these processes or stages offer a proper flowchart on a basic and advanced level for how Growth Marketing really works and how effective it can be.

A growth marketing agency might use some growth marketing basics to understand the working of the strategies in a much more advanced way. These basics are – 

Acquire traffic to your site or business 

  • There are three variations for traffic that you can get: organic traffic, Paid Traffic, and Referral Traffic. 
  • Organic traffic is when your website ranks higher in the google search engines or by your ad campaigns. 
  • Paid traffic is when the customers come to your site through one of your advertising channels. 
  • Referral traffic is not brought up by any higher rankings in search engines, but due to your social media content, which can be shared among customers, you can acquire the customers. 
  • Conversions rates can be calculated by how many users visit your website or, precisely, the landing page. 


  • Compelling headlines on your landing page can help in acquiring customers and leads. 


  • Compelling content is the key to achieve more leads, so using blog and email strategies with appealing content can help.


  • For example, e.g., If you’ve written a blog on “17 Hacks on Copy Writing that you need to know in 2021” and someone looking for short but quick hacks for copywriting and your content attracts them, it helps in bringing new leads. 

2.   Acquiring leads and conversion rates 

3.   Offer free demo trials for premium services. 

  • The best example would be Grammarly. 


  • As a content writer, the freemium version will only allow you to check the grammar in a basic way. 


  • But if the user gets customer loyalty in it, they consider paying for the premium version. 

Final Words – 

Growth Marketing is a plethora where ideas emerge innovatively.  

For a digital marketing agency, growth marketing plays a crucial role. But, even for other businesses, if the implementation is done right, then the growth it brings is profound. 

We, Digitize Brand, as a digital marketing agency in Pune, understand the working of growth marketing and also follow the basics of it to achieve prominent growth in our customers. 

If you need a growth marketing agency to help you acquire new customers and keep the existing customers, contact us, and we will guide you through the whole growth marketing.

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