Why Automatic Gearbox Repairs Aren’t for Generalists?

When choosing between automatic and manual transmissions, there are differences. Automatic transmissions are complex and handle unique situations, but they have advantages and disadvantages. This blog focuses on automatic transmissions and their differences from manual ones, and it also explains why it requires you to search for ‘Automatic Gearbox Mechanics Near Me’.

What are automatic transmissions?

Automatic transmissions, either traditional or dual-clutch, are popular due to their reduced driver input and comfort. They select gears based on engine revs and require specialized repair skills. Traditional automatics use a hydraulic torque converter, while dual-clutch models use two clutches. Automatics offer better performance and efficiency, require less maintenance, and eliminate the need for gear changes.

What are manual transmissions?

Manual transmissions offer more control over shifting and power, with the driver using a stick shift to shift gears. Learning to drive a stick shift takes longer than in an automatic car, but it can be used in almost any car worldwide. Manual transmissions have a clutch pedal to release a clutch disc between the engine and transmission, but stalling occurs when the clutch is engaged too quickly.

How Can You Differentiate Between These Transmissions?

Individual driving habits and maintenance can impact the frequency of transmission repairs. Automatic transmission Repairs in Brisbane are more expensive due to their complexity and unique components. They require more replacement parts, labor, and specialized skills. Manual transmissions wear down more easily due to manual control, while automatic transmissions are not immune to wear and tear.

What are the typical issues and repairs for automatic transmissions?

Your vehicle’s automatic transmission is a critical system, so if something goes wrong, you should contact a skilled specialist. You might be surprised to learn that replacing an automatic transmission costs more than replacing an engine, so it’s critical to pay attention and keep your gearbox in good working order at all times. The following are some common automatic transmission issues:

a) A feeling of grinding or shaking when in gear

When changing gears, your automatic transmission should shift smoothly and seamlessly. If you feel grinding, shaking, or slipping while changing gears, you have a problem. Your gear may be damaged, and the problem will worsen with time. Consult a professional transmission specialist to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.

b) There’s a burning smell

Another reason that makes you search for ‘automatic gearbox mechanics near me’ is the burning smell issue. It is a serious concern while driving due to overheated fluid in your transmission, which can cause friction-related parts to break down, leading to debris and sludge buildup. If these issues persist, your transmission may fail. If you smell burning, contact a professional, as low fluid levels may indicate a leak.

c) The car is unresponsive in gear

If you put your car in ‘drive’ or ‘reverse’ and there is a delay or the car does not engage at all, there could be a problem with the fluid. The fluid’s protective properties may have degraded and thickened. Alternatively, it could be a computer system issue. In either case, contact an automatic transmission specialist for your car servicing Brisbane.

d) Your transmission is producing strange sounds.

Strange noises coming from underneath your car indicate transmission problems, such as whining, clunking, and humming. Clunking noises suggest an internal component may be failing, and other noises may indicate a problem with the transmission fluid. Seeking a qualified specialist immediately is crucial for resolving these issues.


This blog emphasizes the importance of professional automatic transmission specialists for maintenance and repair due to the complexity of these systems and the unique issues they present, such as burning smells, unresponsiveness, grinding, shaking, and strange sounds. It recommends seeking ‘Car Servicing Near Me’ for automatic transmission repairs and seeking experienced and qualified professionals in the field.