Plastic Food Containers Australia

Save the earth by saying goodbye to single-use plastic containers as well as hello to top-quality reusable food containers.

We have all been exposed to as well as enlightened on the impact of plastic waste on our setting. Not only does it compose a considerable percentage of landfills, but it has likewise discovered a home in the oceans, damaging priceless wild animals and even locating its method right into our food as microplastics!

Unfortunately, while Australia made terrific strides in reducing single-use plastic use, the Covid-19 pandemic saw a solid resumption and surge in single-use plastic containers and takeaway mugs, from staying in lockdown and getting Uber Consumes and also Deliveroo. Single-use plastic containers provide short-lived comfort, however, at the cost of nature. WWF reported, “On average, Australians use 130kg of plastic per person every year. Only 12% of that is reused. More appealing still, up to 130,000 tonnes of plastic will discover its way into our rivers and the sea.”

We can all do our components using recyclable food containers and multiple-use coffee instead of single-use plastic containers and cups. Quality containers in your home benefit by lowering plastic waste and food waste too, which is best for the environment and your pocket. To enable us to run you with a few of our advised food containers. We are plastic food containers australia

Lock & Lock Containers

Lock & Lock launched in South Korea with the business’s Traditional four side locking containers. Ever since, they have taken the world by the tornado with their BPA-free, leakproof, closed containers that will not break if unintentionally dropped. Lock & Lock’s containers are a prominent choice among numerous because of their credibility of being very sturdy and durable at an economical cost. In addition, Öko Test Germany, a well-related European publication committed to seriously evaluating customer items, granted Lock & Lock “Superior” recognition in a food container comparison test.

More R&D and business concentration towards more environmentally friendly items and procedures led the company to produce an Eco-friendly variety of containers made using recycled plastic. These containers are typically made from post-production products such as offcuts, issue supplies, trims, and excess, reviving the products instead of abandoning them.

For those who select glass containers, Lock & Lock has developed their Euroglass array that shares the same superb capacities as their routine plastic containers with the additional benefits of thermal resistance and being odour and stain-resistant after extended usage. Made conveniently, the Reddot-style prize-winning Lock & Lock borosilicate glass containers are highly immune to heat. It can hold up against fast temperature level adjustment without the threat of breaking or smashing on its own. This allows you to save food in the refrigerator or fridge freezer and securely pop the glass bases into the stove or microwave as it sustains temperature at approximately 400 ℃.

A fantastic function that Lock & Lock has consisted of in several of their glass containers array is the heavy steam cover. These lids feature flip-top caps purposefully designed to eliminate the vapour within the container without entirely deleting the moisture of your food as it heats up in the microwave.

As one of the most preferred food container brands on the planet, Lock & Lock aims to remain successful with development and innovation, heading them right into winning countless honours, including the distinguished Reddot Style Award and iF Design Honor.

Attributes of Lock & Lock Containers: Light-weight


Made in South Korea

Lock & Lock plastic containers have a reduced leak in the structure aspect– flavours and colours can be removed after a deep laundry.

Freezer and microwave are risk-free, making them ideal for packing and reheating lunch.

A wide selection of sizes is offered.

Perfect for storing a wide variety of damp and dry active ingredients

Lock & Lock borosilicate glass containers are very resistant to direct chemical exposure, thermal expansion and thermal shock

Lock & Lock Eco variety of containers are made from 100% recycled plastic

Pyrex Containers

 the early 1900s, scientists at Corning Glass were in control of establishing heat-shock immune light worlds and battery containers for railroads. The borosilicate glass became preferred and was later used in various industrial applications. Later, Jesse Littleton, a physicist at Corning Glass, brought home a sawed-off base area of a battery jar at the request of his spouse, who wanted to replace a damaged casserole meal. Excited by the cooking capacity of borosilicate glass, the team took place to create the glass by getting rid of lead from it and making it a customer product. This brought about the birth of the Pyrex brand name of products we understand today.

A household name around the globe, Pyrex is renowned for its glass containers which are warm, shatter, odour and also stain-resistant. In addition, the brand has established various glass items of varying dimensions, from wonderful roasting recipes to smaller containers that you can use to keep leftovers or pack lunch in.

Their products are risk-free stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, fridge freezers and dishwashing machines; they have become famous for one-dish dishes such as this Piri-Piri Hen. You can utilize them for cooking, serving, freezing and reheating with just one recipe, conserving the hassle of depleting multiple recipes.

Functions of Pyrex Containers:

Borosilicate glass is exceptionally resistant to chemical exposure, thermal expansion as well as thermal shock

Easy to clean

Nonporous and impenetrable – will not absorb flavours, spots or odours

The fridge freezer, microwave, and also oven are risk-free, making them best for packaging and also reheating lunch

A broad option of dimensions is available


Segmented choices available

Leakproof and also airtight (specifically for those featuring lids with silicone inserts).

Glasslock Containers.

Since the launch of its first food containers in 2005, Glasslock has grown to be a household name worldwide. Like Lock & Lock, Glasslock creates its food containers in South Korea. All their containers are made of 100% natural glass, allowing them to be the fridge, fridge freezer, microwave and stove secure. In addition, the business uses a trademarked glass tempering technique called Tempermax. With this tempering technique, all Glasslock containers have impressive strength and the capability to hold up against extreme thermal adjustment.

Glasslock prides itself on being an environmentally friendly business, lowering its carbon footprint by creating containers made from silica, limestone, soda ash and various other natural components. Unlike traditional glass manufacturing, soda-lime glass uses much less energy and gives off much less carbon dioxide throughout production. The items themselves are also recyclable.

Glasslock’s Oven Safe range is also an excellent option for roasting and cooking, ideal for preparing and marinade components overnight to stand out right on a pre-heated stove for cooking the following day.

A range that we’re big fans of is the Duo range. It’s a suitable lunch box with double compartments for foods like last evening’s supper and a fresh-cut salad for lunch. Flawlessly closed and leakproof, your food will certainly stay fresh for longer and will certainly not spill in your bag when travelling to work.

Attributes of Glasslock Containers:

Made in South Korea.

Highly long-lasting and also toughened up the glass.

Dishwashing machine risk-free.

Nonporous and nonporous – won’t soak up flavours, spots or odours.

Fridge, freezer, microwave, and oven are secure.


Leakproof as well as airtight securing lids.

Eco-friendly– completely recyclable.