The Rise of Video Content: Why Prefer Videos Over All Else?

Start surfing any of your favourite social media platforms, and it wouldn’t take long for you to realise that video is the content form of preference. Whether social media marketers or digital campaign creators, everybody seems to be betting big on videos. The thing with videos is: they can retain a person’s attention and can create an impact that is likely to last. 


Here is an example: not many are likely to read an 800-word blog post. However, most people are likely to watch a 2-minute video because it is short and easy to consume. For one thing, a person doesn’t even have to be an expert in the domain to finish a piece of video content. Much like the audience on social media, business houses and companies are also taking videos seriously. Promotional video production companies know the perks of disseminating a video message over anything and everything else. 

Here’s why people prefer videos over all other forms of content:


  • Videos, to begin with, can grab a great deal of attention. A combination of audio, video, and text is likely to grab attention because clubbing different forms of content is bound to make the product richer. Approach a promotional video maker company if you are trying to take your marketing efforts to the next level. 


  • Videos enjoy a better recall value because all kinds of visual memories are the strongest memories. Recollecting a detail that you’ve watched as part of a video is fairly simple because you tend to ‘experience’ the emotion while your eyes are glued to the screen. 


Videos offer brands with chance to make themselves felt. Here’s a good example:

  • All Facebook users believe that they are 23% more likely to recall or remember the brand if it is shown in the video within the first 3-4 seconds. 

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Also, videos come in several forms:

  • Tutorials
  • Snippets
  • Reels
  • Live Videos (Like the ones we have on Facebook and Instagram)


So, it can be said that videos are also preferred because of the element of variety that is held within them.


  • A piece of video content has a longer shelf life than other forms of content because a piece of video content can be revisited and liked (and the channel can be subscribed to) even 5 months after the content has been posted. 
  • Also, reading can come across as a boring exercise. Well, not everybody can retain a 1000-word blog post by heart. However, people are likely to remember what they saw in a video because people enjoy watching a video. There is this element of fun contained in a video that makes it impactful marketing material. 


  • Videos are able to provide users with a considerable amount of info within a few minutes. When text, movement, sound, etc., come together, it gives the users with a viewing experience that’s wholesome. Reach out to the best video production company if you are looking to take your digital marketing and campaign generation efforts to the next level. 


Approach only the best promotional video maker company if you are planning to attract a great deal of new-age online users to your brand and products. To put things simply, videos are everybody’s favourite because they are fun and exciting