Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid During End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

People make several mistakes when they clean their homes, which is part of the process. However, you cannot afford to make too many mistakes when moving out of the rental property. Otherwise, you will lose a hefty amount of your bond money. The best way to clean the rental living space is by hiring a company that offers thorough end of lease cleaning Melbourne. They use modern tools and methods to clean the property, and that helps you to clear the final inspection. If you want to do it on your own, make sure you know about the mistakes that tenants usually make.

Here are the cleaning mistakes to avoid during the end of lease cleaning.

Cleaning Without a Plan

If you want to carry out the task in the best possible manner, make a proper plan and focus on every minute detail. You must prepare a cleaning checklist, so you do not skip any spot by mistake. Also, list down and arrange all the essential cleaning supplies in advance. It will have your time and prevent any distractions during the dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing. 

Delaying the Cleaning 

The main benefit of the lease agreement is you are always known when it is ending. So, you should plan your cleaning task accordingly. Many tenants delay the dusting of the property unnecessarily and then are forced to complete the task in a hustle. When you try to execute the task in a hurry, you skip many vital areas of the property, risking your chances of getting back the deposit money.

Not Hiring Professionals

If you think that DIY cleaning can save a lot of money, you are making a mistake. Professionals can clean all types of properties and have skills that they develop over the years. So, no matter how much effort you make or the time you spend, it is not possible to match the level of experts.

Wrong Vacuuming Methods

When vacuuming carpets, people try to complete it quickly, so they quickly run the machine over the carpet. The stubborn dirt stuck in the fibres of the carpet is not easy to remove. The vacuum cleaner needs some time to remove them. So, it is advisable to clean the entire carpet surface horizontally first and then vertically. 

Neglecting Air Ducts, Fans and Filters

Tenants often overlook hard-to-reach spots like air ducts, fans, and filters, but landlords carefully examine these areas. So, you must include these spots in your checklist. Use a long-handled broom or vacuum cleaner to clean the ceiling fan blades. Removing dirt air ducts is not a DIY project, so contact a company that offers the best end of lease cleaning Melbourne.

Cleaning the Carpets Early

Another common mistake that people make is vacuuming the carpet in the beginning. When you clean the carpet and then the rest of the room, the carpet traps all the dust and dirt. As a result, it will get dirty quickly. If you want to save yourself from the stress and hassle of cleaning the carpet twice, clean it at last. Also, use eco-friendly products to clean the carpets because store-bought products have chemicals that can damage the carpet. 


End of lease cleaning can be a very stressful and challenging task, particularly when moving out for the first time. A few minor errors are always manageable but make sure that you do not make the abovementioned mistakes. Otherwise, things will get complicated for you. To carry out the task in a stress-free and hassle-free way, contact professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne.