Types of kidney diseases you should know about


Several kidney diseases are known for being progressive, which means, they keep worsening with time. As we all know, kidney failure is one of the most critical health conditions that so many people all over the globe have faced. The kidneys play some majorly crucial roles in the body such as filtering excess water and waste products. Apart from that, the kidneys also regulate potassium and phosphorus levels in the body. The production of hormones that produce red blood cells and regulate blood pressure are totally dependent on our kidneys. This can be considered as the prime reason why maintaining kidney health is a must for everyone. Fortunately, a Thyrocare blood test can help to determine the presence of kidney diseases.

However, very few of us know about the kidney diseases that may increase one’s risk of facing severe kidney damage. People who are suffering from obesity or have a family history of high blood pressure problems are more likely to face kidney issues. Nobody should ignore even the silliest kidney issues because if any kidney damage turns serious after a certain stage and leaves the kidneys unable to filter waste from the blood, it may lead to kidney failure. In this article, we will talk about some major kidney diseases.

5 dangerous Types of Kidney Diseases

  1. Chronic kidney disease is a critical kidney condition, which is mainly caused by high blood pressure. Apart from that, diabetes is also considered as a major cause of chronic kidney diseases. Chronic kidney disease is one of those health conditions that may lead to kidney failure.
  2. Kidney stones, one of the most common kidney issues, may take place at any point of time. Sometimes certain kinds of substances or minerals in the blood start to crystalize and form solid particles in the kidneys, these are usually called kidney stones. Although kidney stones may hardly turn severe enough to be kidney failure, the presence of kidney stones can sometimes be extremely painful.
  3. Glomeruli is the microscopic structure of the kidney that actually filters the blood. The inflammation of the glomeruli is known as glomerulonephritis, which is also known as a mentionable type of kidney disease. As a matter of fact, drugs, autoimmune diseases and infections can be the reason for this kidney disease.
  4. Polycystic kidney disease causes multiple round sacs of fluid Polycystic kidney disease is considered as a more critical condition than individual kidney cysts. Those round sacs of fluid may grow inside or on the surface of the kidneys and can badly interfere with kidney functions.
  5. Bacterial infections that take place at any certain place of the urinary system are called urinary tract infections. Mostly, these kinds of infections generally grow in the urethra or bladder. Such infections can be extremely dangerous and if they spread in the kidneys, they may even be the reason for kidney failure.


These are some of the most mentionable kidney issues that may turn critical if left untreated for so long. This is why it is necessary to go for a Thyrocare full body checkup that includes the facilities of kidney function test so that you can take necessary precautions before the disease takes a bigger shape.