How to choose LED tunnel lights? What are the precautions for tunnel lighting?

In recent years, LED tunnel lights have become a common lighting fixture in road tunnels. It is highly well-liked due to its unique benefits. The following benefits make tunnel lights a well-liked option:

1. Light effect: Light efficiency is a critical element since it impacts operating energy costs. The majority of LED tunnel light producers have currently attained 100lm/W, which satisfies the tunnel lighting industry’s requirements for light efficiency. However, it is advised to prioritize LED bulbs with higher light efficiency if you want to efficiently minimize electricity expenditures. With an LED tunnel light’s luminous efficiency of up to 150lm/W, Shenzhen Aglare Lighting can save more money on electricity than other manufacturers.

2. Driving power supply: Unlike LED light sources, which have a service life of over 100,000 hours, driving power supplies have substantially shorter lifespans. Thus, the driving power supply—rather than the LED light source—determines the lifespan of the LED tunnel light. Selecting a high-quality driving power source is crucial to ensuring the service life of LED tunnel lights. Among the well-known brands of power supplies in the market are Hangzhou Infinite, Shenzhen Maoshuo, Taiwan MEAN WELL, etc.

3. Protection level and surface technology:Tunnel lights are used in outdoor environments. There is water seepage or dripping in the tunnel. The working environment is relatively harsh. In eastern coastal cities, the air contains high levels of salt spray, so the lamps should have a high IP protection level. The IP level is not lower than IP65. The surface It should be treated with special technology to prevent salt spray and have strong corrosion resistance.

4. Lamp heat dissipation: The LED light source’s light attenuation is directly impacted by the lamp’s heat dissipation effect. The lamp with superior heat dissipation performance has less light attenuation than the lamp with worse heat dissipation performance under the same circumstances. Consequently, you should aim to select aluminum lamp bodies, lamps with a suitable heat dissipation structure, and lamps with a broad heat dissipation surface when selecting LED tunnel lights.Glare in the Lighting Surface light sources are LED tunnel lights. When compared to traditional LED tunnel lights and underpass lighting of the same power, the quantity of LED chips is significantly higher. Compared to standard LED tunnel lights, the corresponding single LED current is modest, the node temperature is low, the light source decay is short, and the lamp life is longer.

5. Protection against glare: The glare issue caused by lighting greatly impairs a driver’s vision. One major factor in safety-related incidents is glare. As a result, you should consider the tunnel lights’ ability to reduce glare when making an LED purchase. The LED tunnel lights from Aglare Lighting are powered by its proprietary film flat fluorescent LED light source (FLED), which produces flat light with a consistent, gentle light color, minimal glare, and effective anti-glare properties.

6. Color rendering index: The greater the color rendering index, the better it can match lighting needs and the clearer and brighter it is under the same light effect. For instance, typical tunnel sodium lamps have a low color rendering index, which makes the light appear dimmer even when their luminous flux is not low. The color rendering index of LED lighting is significantly higher than that of conventional sodium lighting. A color rendering index of at least 70 is generally considered adequate. Since tunnels are not intended for precise work, high CRI standards are not necessary.

7. Color temperature: The choice of color temperature should take into account the particulars of the tunnel. For instance, low color temperatures, such as 3000K for warm white light, should be used in mountainous areas where there is a lot of fog because they are more able to penetrate than high color temperatures; in tunnels without fog, such as urban underground passageways, etc., you can choose between 5500K and 6500K color temperatures because these have the highest luminous flux and good brightness; in general, you can choose between 4000 and 4500K color temperatures for natural white light and take both into consideration.

8. Factor of power

High-power lamps, like LED tunnel lights, typically require PF>0.9 due to the effect on the national grid load.

In addition to the above factors, some tunnel projects require the brightness of the lamps to be adjustable. In this case, the dimming function of the lamp power supply needs to be considered. Some tunnels are dusty and the surface of the lamps is dusty. At this time, the ease of cleaning of the lamps should be considered. Therefore, in the actual purchase, it is necessary to combine the actual situation of the project and comprehensively consider other factors to specifically purchase LED tunnel lights.

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