How to Dress Plus Size for a Rave Party?

Alright, my fabulous curvaceous comrades, let’s cut to the chase. The only thing that’s been dropping more than the bass at rave parties has been the fashion game. Ouch, right? But worry not! Whether you’re a rave rookie or a disco diva, this guide is here to make sure you light up the dance floor (both literally and metaphorically). For a more complete guide about raves, we recomend this complete guide for raves.

1. Who Invented Sizes, Anyway?

Before we begin, remember: sizes are just numbers, and the only number we care about is the volume on the speaker. So toss those societal “norms” out of the window, and let’s get started. Plus size? More like, “Plus, have you seen how fab I look?”

2. Let’s Talk Shimmer and Shine:

The real question here is: how much glitter is too much glitter? The answer: The limit does not exist. Douse yourself in the stuff. Become the human disco ball you were always meant to be. But please, opt for the eco-friendly, biodegradable kind because, well, we want to dazzle, not pollute.

3. The Crop Top Conundrum:

Alright, let’s settle this. Crop tops are not a size, they’re a state of mind. Do you love them? Wear them! Pair with high-waisted leggings or a fun, flowy skirt or maybe a plus size sweater. Show as little or as much as you’re comfortable with. This is a rave, not a judgment zone.

4. Bodysuits are Basically Hugs in Clothing Form:

Skin-tight and oh-so-right. Whether they’re neon, glittery, or patterned in a way that can only be described as “psychedelic chic”, bodysuits are the rave staple that keep on giving. Warning: Wearing one might cause excessive bathroom planning, but hey, small price to pay.

5. Prints Charming:

Leopard print, neon stripes, glow-in-the-dark stars – you name it! The print game is strong in the rave world. Remember: if your outfit can be seen from space, you’re on the right track.

6. Accessories or Mini Party Enhancers:

Glow sticks? Check. LED earrings? Double check. Those fluffy leg warmers that no one knows the actual purpose of but wear anyway? Triple check. The rave mantra: accessorize till you can’t recognize…yourself.

7. Comfort Over…Well, Everything:

Look, you can have all the sequins in the world, but if you can’t drop it low without fearing a fashion mishap, what’s the point? Comfortable footwear is key. Those 6-inch platform boots might look killer now, but after hour three, your feet might just start plotting your demise.

8. Confidence is Your Best Outfit:

Cliché? Absolutely. True? 100%. Whether you’re in a neon tutu or a glow-in-the-dark onesie, rock it like you’re the main event. Because guess what? You are.

A Word (or Two) on Haters:

Now, because we live in a world where everyone’s got an opinion, you might encounter some party pests trying to cramp your style. How do we deal with them? Simple. Out-dance them. Out-shine them. Out-fabulous them. Because honey, if they’re too busy looking at you, they’re clearly missing out on the rave.

Wrapping It Up (Because Even Sarcastic Guides Need an End):

When it comes to dressing plus size for a rave, it’s all about feeling good and looking even better. The music will fade, the night will end, but those photos? Eternal. So go on, let your curves take center stage and show that dance floor who’s boss.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some glow sticks to crack and a dance floor to dominate. See you under the disco lights!