Why you need to use car shades?

The decision to install and use car shades and choose the best of them is a big problem, as there are many types in the market these days, so the decision is very difficult, and many brands design shades to compete with each other, but each company has a special character and a category to which it belongs, so Let’s see what car awning companies offer through this article.

Why car shades

Some cities suffer from severe heat due to their geographical location, and for this reason, car shades of various shapes, materials and sizes have been produced, in order to be suitable for all tastes and parking lots.

In general, there are many forms of umbrellas and different types of them, and you can choose what you want, but the installation of umbrellas depends on several things, including the size of the umbrella and its area, where the installation process is carried out by a team equipped for that, umbrellas in general are to feel safe and comfortable, but they are vary according to the need, place and chooing the right one for you. Also, it is suitable and protects the cars from ultraviolet rays and covers it completely, actually, it has many other advantages. In addition, it protects the place from exposure to weather fluctuations from wind and precipitation.

Benefits of installing awnings

There are many benefits of installing awnings, including the following:

  1. It works to protect cars from the scorching sun, rain and dust storms, which can affect the car, whether in the luster of the paint, the dashboard, the infidel, the efficiency of the air conditioner, the engine temperature, and others.
  2. It works to provide shade and coolness when cars use the corridors or sessions that are located in parks and other places.
  3. It works to protect cars from rain and not damage the seats, the floor, the decoration or the external surfaces.
  4. It works to add a sophisticated and distinct view in the place where the client wants to place it.
  5. There are a lot of designs and shapes that are original and distinct from the umbrellas provided by the umbrella companies.

Types of car shades

There are many types of sunshades for various cars, which are as follows:

  1. Polyethylene car shades for parking.
  2. Korean PVC car shades for parking.
  3. Car sunshades made of plastic and industrial wood, which is treated for parking.
  4. German PVC car shades for parking.
  5. Car shades made of fabric for parking.
  6. Car parking shades.
  7. Car shades of Lexan cloth for parking.

PVC fabric is one of the most used fabrics in car shades, especially those that are installed in parking lots and squares, where they are installed from the middle and not from the sides. It also prevents volatile weather factors from affecting the car in summer or winter.

Car shades specifications

Car awnings contain multiple specifications and features, including the following:

  • It has a very high thickness in iron and metallic structure.
  • It contains very good quality paints that are used in cars with international specifications.
  • The type of coverage is great and can withstand the weather in the Kingdom, which has been scientifically tested in Germany and Korea.
  • It works to reflect 100% of the sun’s rays and the shade covers the place.

Car shades installation

Car sunshades have a special place in many cities, and because of this there is no house, company, shop, villa or palace without a car shades, it has the best materials and tools, in order to give the customer a distinctive and high quality product.

Car shades are durable and strong, so that they can withstand all the external burdens and loads that may be exposed to them, such as withstanding wind speed and resisting decay, and thus preserving the cars lined up under them, whether internally or externally.