Top Challenges Business Automation Helps Your Sales Overcome

Adestra demonstrates how the two main goals of marketing automation are productivity and marketing ROI. However, choosing the right marketing automation is not easy. Every platform has its own benefits. Make sure you do your own research before opting for any. 

To add this, Tracklop, for the last couple of years has been marking its significant business operation solutions in the industry. From lead automation to payroll management – you’ll get everything under one umbrella.   

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to the use of software programs to automate marketing tasks. These tasks include sending out emails, social media posts, text messages, etc. to customers, potential customers, and even employees. There are many different types of marketing automation tools including email marketing, SMS/text messaging, web analytics, CRM, and others.

The first step towards using any type of marketing automation tool is choosing what kind of marketing automation tool you want to use. You have two options here: either build your own marketing or sales automation platform or buy a ready-made solution. If you’re building your own platform, you’ll need to learn how to code and design a website. On the other hand, if you decide to purchase a prebuilt solution, you won’t have to worry about the coding and designing a site. Instead, you’ll just focus on setting up the system and adding features.

Once you’ve decided whether to go with a custom-built platform or a prebuilt solution, the next thing you should do is choose a provider. There are several providers of marketing automation platforms, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

What are the Challenges in Marketing Automation?

The following are some difficulties businesses with marketing automation encounter:

Select the appropriate Business Processes

In today’s corporate environment, automation is becoming more and more crucial. For instance, businesses can now automate procedures like email sending, data entry, and meeting schedules. It is difficult for managers to pinpoint these activities as doing so requires identifying the manual processes already in use in a company and allocating resources where they are most needed.

Managing vast amounts of Data

Data is a gold mine of knowledge that can assist businesses in expanding and producing cutting-edge goods. Large data quantities can be challenging and time-consuming to manage. Finding the proper technique for the work is essential when handling vast amounts of data.

Data Quality

Data quality is one of the difficulties firms encounter while utilizing marketing automation. You need high-quality data to give your customers a personalized experience. For companies that don’t have a strong customer database, this will not be easy.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is a problem that companies have while adopting marketing automation. Managing an effective marketing strategy might take a lot of work and effort. Companies that lack the staff or knowledge necessary to manage their campaigns effectively may find this to be a struggle.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a problem that companies have when implementing marketing automation. To convert leads into customers, you must nurture them after you’ve created some. Businesses that lack the resources or knowledge necessary to nurture their leads effectively may find this difficult. You can make use of sophisticated Lead Management Software to overcome this problem.

Compatibility and Integration of Legacy Systems

To fully automate a process, you must be able to incorporate it with all of your corporation’s various business segment applications. However, integration is not possible with older systems. Thus, you will probably require human intervention, defeating the purpose of your attempted goal.

Security and Privacy

Everyone is passionate about maintaining security and privacy. Recent data breaches and data manipulation have made these two ideas the subject of attention. Most businesses do this by ensuring their systems are secure, but this is often insufficient.

Lead Management

Making every lead into a customer is the shared objective of the sales and marketing teams. However, their actions will differ as each team has access to different lead data. Trackolap’s CRM lead management software ensures that the sales and marketing teams are coordinated, that each team receives correct information about their target audience, and that they can run campaigns effectively together.

Lack of Interaction

Every marketing campaign you run needs to stand out from the sea of messages your target receives every day. With the help of marketing automation, you can provide your audience with a smooth, real-time interactive experience with customized content that is genuinely automated.

Lead Generation

One of a marketer’s major concerns today is getting quality leads and sending them to the sales team for conversion. However, you can make sure that you only collect leads who are interested in your business by using a sales automation app. 


In today’s marketing landscape, it is no longer sufficient to advertise your business on TV, radio, or in magazines. For the most benefits, you must have a strong online presence. Marketing automation is the solution if you’re asking how to regularly and effectively maximize this digital marketing plan.

Change Management

Today’s corporate world is undergoing constant change, and it takes an organization a long time to adjust successfully to these changes. This change management is particularly true when multiple divisions have varying degrees of influence or when the organization has a large workforce. 

What Are the Best Ways to Use Marketing Automation to Overcome Challenges?

Make Specific Goals

Your automation approach should have a clear direction. Otherwise, you won’t have anything against which to compare your performance. You know what to concentrate on if you have a clear aim for your automation. The process of streamlining field sales activities, such as interacting with clients, assigning tasks, making to-do lists, establishing job priorities, and sending out reports, is known as field sales automation. Field sales management apps such as Trackolap enable businesses to manage end-to-end fieldwork operations such as; 

● Track the sales team with, Detailed analysis of the distance each team member has traveled.  

● Employees who are local should be given responsibility for customer visits. 

● Keep track of your client’s names, addresses, and other information somewhere.

● Manage your field sales efforts using a consolidated dashboard to gain complete insights.

● Efficiently enhance client satisfaction.

Automate Operations

Automation can handle multiple procedures, leaving less room for human error. By automating internal operations, you can work productively even with few resources and a tight budget. Automation can provide you with more time to work on critical projects. Monitoring several marketing initiatives and their success with particular segments or even specific clients is made simpler by using marketing automation. 

The benefits of automation in business operations using field employee monitoring software are endless, however, some of the benefits are mentioned below; 

● It provides comprehensive analytical reports on each team member’s output.

● It provides a central location where organizations can access information about tasks, projects, documents, employees’ location, their leaves, events, etc.

● It increases productivity, enhances employee satisfaction, and improves overall business operation quality.

Enhance Client Experience

When a lead converts, marketing doesn’t end. You can enhance existing customers’ interactions with your business and raise their lifetime value by setting up automated workflows for nurturing them. With marketing automation, you can approach your customers with corporate news, seasonal discounts, product updates, satisfaction surveys, and educational content to support them. 

Boost Ad Creation

Manually creating ads is not only challenging but also less efficient than doing it using automated solutions. Ad platforms use massive volumes of data to optimize your ads. You can make data-driven judgments regarding copy, scheduling, and other issues rather than making assumptions. Additionally, they enable you to handle ads across many platforms without manually switching between them.

Automate Many Channels

The most popular marketing automation channel is email. However, disregarding additional channels—like social media and SMS—leaves money on the table. Contacting customers across all available channels is simple, thanks to automation tools. You may, for instance, introduce a product by email and then, a few days later, a sale via SMS.

Team Output Growth

Best sales management software frees marketers to focus on more important duties and produce greater outcomes by taking over time-consuming tasks. For instance, your marketing team may use that time to refine your lead nurturing approach and boost conversions rather than spend it manually scoring leads.

Always Improve Performance

The process of marketing automation is not one-and-done. Small modifications are made while performance is continuously monitored. Although it would seem to contradict the goal of automation, optimization is a necessary step. Your marketing activities won’t be fully automated by any marketing tool. Instead, they’re intended to increase the effectiveness of marketing. 

Final Thoughts

Automated solutions simplify outsourcing tasks like lead qualification and social media content posting. Determine your most challenging marketing duties. Then, discover the tools to make those tasks more efficient, and include them in your workflow.

Due to automation’s increased efficiency, you’ll spend less time on repetitive jobs and make more money. Even though specific automation solutions can be pricey, they often make up for their cost. Don’t concentrate on specific features when choosing a business automation solution but concentrate on long-term collaboration and business outcomes.