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Most businesses who need cranes would benefit more from renting than purchasing. This is because for most contractors, it would take years of daily use to justify the cost of purchasing a crane, which can cost around $500,000. Another advantage inherent in the decision to rent a crane truck is that you need not train or hire a crane operator, another expensive and time-consuming endeavor. When you rent a crane, a dedicated, licensed, and expertly-trained operator comes with the machinery. 

For crane rental Cleveland Ohio, General Crane is the source from which to rent any type of crane your job might require. General Crane, with locations in not only Cleveland, but also in Akron, Canton, Ashtabula, Toledo, Sandusky, Columbus, Wooster, Mansfield and Youngstown as well, is likely to have a location near you. General Crane most definitely has the equipment diversity and inventory to meet your needs.

Types of Crane Rental Cleveland Ohio

General Crane offers the following types of crane rental near me:

Truck cranes: If you need crane rental near me for jobs like hanging power lines, trimming trees, freight transportation, or bridge construction, truck cranes are a good choice when it’s time to rent a crane truck. Truck Cranes sit directly on top of the truck, so they are versatile and can travel long distances at road speeds, making getting from job to job quick and easy. If your project requires mobility and efficiency, truck cranes are a great choice.

Rough terrain cranes: These types of cranes offer precise control and superior maneuverability in tough, off-road areas. Rough terrain cranes feature four large rubber tires, which make them stable in the roughest conditions. They are appropriate for a wide variety of applications that standard truck cranes cannot traverse.

All-Terrain Cranes: Sharing the best features of a rough terrain crane and a truck crane, all-terrain cranes offer the best of both worlds. Many jobs require travel across both public streets and highways and off-road areas. These cranes feature additional tires for increased stability. All-terrain crane rental near me means renters get the swiftness and efficiency of a truck crane with the off-road maneuverability of rough-terrain cranes.

Crawlers, Booms, and Carry Deck Crane Rental Cleveland Ohio

Crawler Cranes: As their name suggests, “crawler cranes” use large tracks to “crawl” along construction sites. Crawler cranes are useful for traversing a wide variety of surfaces, excluding softer soils, in which the alternative treads could get stuck. They are extremely heavy, and while this makes them somewhat slower than other cranes, they are also able to lift and carry very heavy loads. Because they are on tracks, they require specialized equipment and trailers to move between sites.

Boom Trucks: Boom trucks are unique hydraulic cranes. Equipped with a basket at the end, these types of crane rental near me lift workers to heights where they can complete jobs like tree trimming, window cleaning, or work on bridges or overhead lines. Boom trucks can also lift heavy, unwieldy objects and they feature flat beds to transport equipment or other items between job sites. A benefit of boom trucks is that they travel at highway speeds, so they move between job sites efficiently. 

Carry Deck Cranes: Carry deck cranes are ideal for jobs requiring low-profile, compact equipment. These cranes can move through tight spaces easily and clear overhead obstacles. They are sturdy enough to move heavy loads over short distances, so they can move materials while traversing tight spaces that are inaccessible to other types of cranes.

General Crane Rental rents and maintains an OSHA-certified, state-of-the-art fleet of cranes and boom trucks. If you have a job that requires a crane, we have the equipment and expertise to help get your project done efficiently, safely, and quickly. If you are looking for crane rental services in Cleveland, Ohio, contact General Crane Rental today!